Italian Experience



Italian Experience is a consultant for:

  • knowing foreign markets;
  • entering in the foreign markets;
  • promoting products and services in the foreign markets;
  • developing and strengthening relationships with foreign countries.

In few words, our activities in the export sector are:

  • brokerage: we forward our customer request to the person that in our data base (consisting of manufacturers, service providers, professionals, importers, distributors and agents) is able to better satisfy it;
  • agency of representation: activity carried out only in China at the moment. The mandatory company has to provide samples and brochures, as well as all necessary assistance to enable our agent to carry out his work in the best way.

The implementation of e-Commerce for national or international markets is supported by specialists in online marketing for aspects of vision and strategic approach. Qualified technicians are monitoring the development of the software modules, integration with management systems and logistics partners and system architecture for the projects of e-Commerce.


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