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Italian Experience is a young and dynamic company that deals with developing and facilitating trade of our customers to foreign countries in which we work, thanks to a series of initiatives to promote their products and services on the international market of reference.

We deal mainly to facilitate the integration of products and services in foreign markets, avoiding the classic mistakes of those who try to introduce themselves in a new market.

The export of a product or service in a new country involves a careful study of all issues related to both the new market and the product/service in itself. For this reason our work is customized for each customer.

The preparation of a business plan of export provides the basis for every success in the international market.

Rely on who is well inserted on the territory and can guarantee a constant and enduring commitment to allow your products or services to be known on the international market.


Export of dough rising from 9 years


The Golden Mean of Export Promotion

WASHINGTON - Economists sometimes describe a country as having a Goldilocks economy, because it has achieved moderate, sustainable growth rates that are neither too hot nor too cold, but just right. They might also seek Goldilocks's views on export-promotion policy. Export promotion might appear to be...


Export Italy: here is what will happen in the next three years

Filed a 2013 negative for the Italian economy , but positive as regards the international trade of our country and , in particular, for flows of exports from the Bel Paese in the rest of the world, we fix the analytic horizon to the next three years trying to understand what will happen to exports tricolor...


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